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Friday, 22 February 2008

Universitas Islam Indonesia Yogyakarta applies semester credit system (SKS), which means that the load of students' study, study experience, lecturer's working load and the load of the program are determined in semester credit.

One credit is an amount of time of study in a semester. It comprises 50 minutes lecture, 50 minutes independent study, 50 minutes exercises/assignment/homework or two times 5 minutes laboratory practice or 4 times 50 minutes field work. Every lecture is credited based on the length of activities conducted weekly.

The activities include obligatory and optional activities. All students have to take the obligatory ones. The optional ones, on the other hands, can be taken by the students to complete the credits and are depended upon their interest, talent, and ability of each student.

There is no such term as kenaikan tingkat in each consecutive year in credit system. Students may be varied in the number of credits taken and composition of the subjects in each semester. They may also finish their study in different length of time. The number of credits taken by a certain student depends on the student's aptitude, determined by their academic achievement in the previous year. Yet, for the first semester students, they will need to take a package determined by the curriculum.

Therefore, this system enables the students with high intelligence and diligence to graduate in a short period of time.

The subjects of the study are divided into five general categories, which are:

  • MPK : Mata Kuliah Pengembangan Kepribadian
  • MKK : Mata Kuliah Keilmuan dan Ketrampilan
  • MKB : Mata Kuliah Keahlian Berkarya
  • MPB : Mata Kuliah Perilaku Berkarya
  • MBB : Mata Kuliah Berkehidupan Bersama

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