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There are three colors in UII symbol, which are:

Blue means determination or trustworthiness. It means that UII will create trusted and wise graduates.

Yellowish gold means an expectation and a symbol of education. It means that UII will engender graduates expected by the nation who will maintain and spread knowledge through Islamic education.

White means sincere, honest and persevering. It means that the graduates UII produces are those who are honest and loyal to the country and nation, and persistent and faithful to Allah the Almighty, in line with Islamic teachings and pleas.


The meaning of the logo of the Islamic University of Indonesia is:

The shield shape means endurance and resistence. It means that UII will sustain the name as one of the universities being able to produce good graduates.

The middle shape distilir as a mosque dome.It symbolizes that Indonesia culture is in line with Islamic values.

The five-petal flower can mean Pancasila, which can also mean the five pillars of Islam.

The pistil forming a trisula.It symbolizes what so called Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (the three basic goals of higher education).

The tip of the trisula which looks like a pen is a symbol of education.

The middle sepal is a picture of a book which is Al-Qur'an.

The lowest part of the sepal is two crutches.

These two crutches symbolize two Islamic creeds (syahadat). So, the symbols in the middle as a whole exemplify the goal of UII which is based on Islamic values and Pancasila.

While, the shape of pyramidal ship is the door of a mosque below the petal is meant to be the Islamic culture.

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