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Lunch break and Snacks the Indonesian Way PDF Bookmark and Share Print E-mail
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Friday, 11 October 2013

I knew that, of course, I would be eating rice – after all, we are in Indonesia. But before I started working here, I was wondering if you usually bring food from home or if you go to the canteen or to a restaurant close by… There are many different options how one could imagine what spending the lunch break might be like if you don’t know yet.

A little background information about lunch breaks in Germany: While at the university, I usually ate in the canteen, which is relatively cheap for German standards. Typically we have either pasta or potatoes - in any way shape or form - with vegetables and meat and you can have a salad, fruit or desert with it if you want. When working in the office you usually just bring something to eat from at home, usually bread, which is, along with potatoes, a bit the “German rice” because it is simply so typical German or some companies have also canteens, but that is not the standard. Eating in a restaurant every day is just too expensive in Germany.

Well, back to Indonesian lunch breaks. I found out that you can also go to a canteen here around the campus, but there is also a thing called “nasi kotak”, a lunchbox. For the international readers a short explanation what this lunchbox is like: You get a meal delivered in a box, usually rice, vegetables and chicken or something like that. So, while hoping that my lunch, wherever I get it and whatever it might be, is not going to be too spicy - a bit spicy is good though - I really enjoy eating the Indonesian way! Even though, every once in a while, I do cook some potatoes at home. :D

And then there are always snacks whenever there is an official meeting. For Indonesian people, it is probably so normal that you don’t even think about it, but for me it was quite surprising when I walked into my first meetings or general lectures that I had to write about and I got snacks. The snacks are usually something sweet and something hearty and some water and I think that it is a nice tradition to make people feel welcome at those events.

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