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Islamic University of Indonesia
Thursday, 21 February 2008

Universitas Islam Indonesia (Islamic University of Indonesia) is located in Yogyakarta - one of the most wonderful cities in Indonesia. The fertile plains of Yogyakarta cradle the heart of the Javanese culture which is strongly bound to Islamic values. This bounding is beautifully encapsulated in the life of the Yogyakartanese with Keraton Yogyakarta (Sultan Palace) lying in its center.

The people of Yogyakarta maintain a strong link with the Javanese culture. Two religions before Islam (Hindu and Budha) have build its existences in the area and have persistently characterized much of the culture throughout many parts of Asia. The evident can be tarced in local tradition as well as in some of the most spectacular sights in all Asia located in a several-kilometer-radius around Yogyakarta. Countless masterpieces of Asian architecture can be found, both natural and manmade, including the Buddhist temple of Borobudur and the Hindu temple of Prambanan.

Yogyakarta is a twenty - four - hour city. Life runs in a quiet and subtle way and the gentle touch of Javanese culture seems to dominate the city. Malioboro Street is the bustling heart of Yogyakarta, lined with an array of shopping venues, ranging from a sea of little make-shift market stalls to department stores and shopping malls, it is a shoppers delight and a major tourist attraction. Around 6 p.m. when the street lamps are brightly lit, street vendors, amateur artists, buskers and a variety of entertainers work the crowds the best they can in order to make their ends meet. As soon as the shops, department stores, supermarkets, and malls close their doors around 9 o'clock, the streets are taken over by hundreds of instant traditional restaurant lesehan setting up along the side-walks and serving as convenient places for leisure seekers. They are open until dawn.

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