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Internationalization at UII
Wednesday, 02 October 2013

UII tries to establish itself as a world-class university with a lot of international connections. And I think that the university is doing a great job.

I have been here – I just checked the calendar and wow… I have been here 6 weeks already, time is flying! But what I was actually going to say is that I have been here “only” six weeks and I have already met several people from other countries that UII has a cooperation with: two researchers from Germany, a lecturer from the US, an international student from Singapore, studying in Australia and now doing an exchange to Indonesia, two Dutch exchange students as well as a Dutch researcher. Moreover, several people from UII are overseas right now and there are organizations to encourage this behavior even more in the future.

While for me personally it is always interesting to meet people from other countries, hear their stories how they got to Indonesia and not be the only foreigner for a change, I think that this international cooperation is important for the academic development of a university as well as the personal development of the students. As I have studied multilingual communication with a major in translation, we have always had many exchange students at our faculty, however, mostly from within Europe as the European Union really facilitates this kind of exchange to the neighboring countries. I think that we can all learn a lot from each other as everybody, every country and every culture has good ideas, different opinions about certain subjects, new approaches to deal with different issues and of course different cultures that influence everyone’s behavior.

Even though I think that one develops academically while spending time abroad or with foreign students in the country, I think that the personal development is also very important. One becomes more independent, gets to see different views about a lot of topics and learns a lot just by spending time with each other and having fun.

Therefore, I really think that, overall, UII is really doing a great job to build its international connections.

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