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Every Day Feels Like Summer…
Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ok, I think this might not be related to UII directly, but the weather in Indonesia is an important part of living here, so I hope that you don’t mind me writing about it today…

In Germany, fall is supposed to start around this time, but actually, there has been the first snow in some regions, something which is not supposed to happen until late November, and in the other parts it is about 5 degrees and rainy. So, whenever I am telling friends back in Europe about the great weather here, they seem a bit jealous.

Here in Indonesia, it feels like summer every day and I am enjoying the sun and the tan I am starting to get. Yes, European people actually like dark skin and there are even lotions to make your skin darker. Weird world we are living in... So when I am driving on my motorbike to work or somewhere else, I don’t wear gloves, put on sun block and try to cover every last part of my body, but I rather enjoy the sun.

And then there is the fact that there is air condition everywhere. At the beginning I had to get used to the sudden changes from pretty warm outside the cooled air inside the buildings. We don’t have many facilities in Germany with air conditioning as there are simply not so many hot days and it would not make sense to invest in air conditioning. When there is a really hot day before summer break starts, schools can even finish their days early because of the heat.

Now, however, I am used to air condition, I am almost as tanned as my Indonesian buddy from UII, even though she has relative light skin for an Indonesian, and I still enjoy the sun. Due to my “European behavior”, I often had weird conversations with people who offered me a seat in the shade, whenever I was waiting anywhere and I tried to explain to them that I do not mind the sun and that on the contrary, I am in the sun to get a tan.

Because of the fact that Indonesian people try not to get a tan, but there is sunny weather all the time, some people drive around in cars, even if it is only to go from one part of the campus to another part. This is a very strange idea for me, as I would usually just walk, but I also understand that life and culture here is different and these experiences are part of what makes these exchanges so interesting.

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