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Fakultas & Program Studi

Islamic University of Indonesia has been developing within the balance between social science, medical, and science and technology within Islamic values and atmosphere.

Faculty of Islamic Studies is traditionally the core faculty of the University. Currently it offers undergraduate program and graduate programs. 

Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science is a relatively new faculty but fast growing especially in the area of research. It is projected as one of the center of excellence in research. Now it offers undergraduate program of Statistics, Chemistry, Diploma (D3) and pharmacist profession. 

Faculty of Medicine is one of the boldest faculty in the university in term of its popularity and as one of the fastest growing faculty in Indonesia. Currently offers undergraduate degree of heath and medical doctor profession. 

Faculty of Psychology and Cultural Science holds undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree.

Faculty of Economics offers postgraduate degree (master's and doctorate's), regular undergraduate and international program as well as diploma. In term of students number, the faculty is ranked as the biggest in the university and hosted in its own campus in  Condong Catur Campus

Faculty of Law is traditionally also one of the core of the university. It offers postgraduate degrees (master's and doctorate's), undergraduate program (regular and International Program) as well as profession. As one of the oldest faculties, its alumni have been nationwide respected in law-related professions (including politicians) and most of them hold good positions.

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning offers postgraduate of Civil Engineering and regular undergraduate of Civil, Architecture and Environmental Engineering. It develops some specific excellences such as  Civil Engineering with its earthquake studies and Architecture with Architecture Advisory Board.

Faculty of Industrial Engineering offers postgraduate degree and regular undergraduate degree as well as International Program.  The faculty is also one of the fastest growing faculties  along the fast growing development and innovation of the information technology itself.

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